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Embrace Simplicity, Nurture Well-being: Breathe into a Healthier Life

Infuse Your Day with Mindfulness: A Simple Pause for Health and Awareness. Remember, every breath is a step toward well-being.

Elevate Your Journey with Shery Clein Coaching. Explore the art of savouring life’s simple pleasures and learn the profound impact of the ‘little’ moments. Reflect on your past, reminisce about good times, and embrace the opportunity to enact positive changes in your life.

Shery Clein, an innovative South African entrepreneur, shares a wealth of wisdom from her journey, inspiring and empowering others. With a sincere dedication to learning, she established a successful alternative healing practice and pioneered a thriving health spa. This journey laid the foundation for her acclaimed online MindfulLiving™ program, certified by the prestigious Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness School at the University of Massachusetts.

Awareness: The Essence of MindfulLiving™

Learn the Art of Meditation: Discover Effortless Wellness Within Reach.

Enroll in our MindfulLiving™ MBSR program, crafted for easy progression towards your objectives.

Embark on a transformative journey guided by Shery Clein, your dedicated Personal Coach. With her expertise, you’ll refine your abilities, make informed decisions, and uncover fresh insights for enhanced fulfilment in your personal and professional endeavours.

Personal coaching is my passion; it’s gratifying and allows me to make a significant, positive impact on individuals’ lives.

I find tremendous fulfilment in witnessing the achievements of others through our MindfulLiving™ energy support program!

Shery believes entrepreneurs emerge from humble beginnings, provided they are determined to commit to their vision and take the necessary risks. She recognises that changing one’s mindset is a journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary, a transformation that may seem mundane but is, in reality, incredibly profound.