Three Coaching Program Options:

Option 1: R500 – 1 Hour Session

Option 2: R1 500 – 4 week program

Option 3: R3 500 – 8 week program

We tend to avoid what we fear most doing. My program offers you the opportunity to conquer your fears.

  1. Do you want help dealing with your feelings and emotions, changing your behaviour, and improving your life?
  2. Do you want to push yourself and achieve more than you could ever imagine?
  3. Do you want to develop more rapidly and experience more satisfaction in life?

If yes, I have a solution for you on how to tackle your specific situation.

Shery Clein’s coaching program will take you to unchartered territories that you never thought you would go. Shery tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

  • Together we unlock your potential to maximise growth and learn new ways to open new doors.
  • My motivation strategies help you attain your goals and take your life from good to great.
  • My care and interest in you will change your life for the better on a long term basis.

We engage in powerful conversations asking the right questions to enable the breakthroughs that will cause a shift in your life. Then, we work together to formulate a decisive plan of action. This plan will allow you to realise your goals.

Together we create techniques and strategies that will improve your life and help you realise your potential. It doesn’t matter how ambitious your goals might be – I will help you every step of the way to devise new strategies for overcoming obstacles.

The personal benefits of coaching are wide-ranging and can positively boost your confidence, improve your work performance, and build practical communication skills.

Shery Clein’s Personal Coaching Program collaborates musings, fun facts, notes, quotes and anecdotes from the opinions & perspectives of great minds worldwide. A collection of poetry, writings and wisdom from famous authors to ordinary people echoes the same theme throughout. “Change.”

Option 1

1 Hour Session = R500 

To kick-start you off into the zone of health wellness & lifestyle changes we advocate, Shery Clein is offering one-off sessions at R500 each per hour so that you can get a taste & flavour of what it’s all about. Together we evaluate and ascertain the areas you feel you need to work on, and after that, we devise a Strategy Plan. Shery will give you recommendations, links to various research, courses and YouTube videos to broaden your knowledge and motivate you to open the doors to a better version of yourself.  As you know, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. …”

Option 2

Four weeks =   R1500 (A saving of R500)

Shery guides you through the process of recovering your energetic self.  She dispels the “I can’t” conditioning that holds many people back and helps you unleash your inner consciousness.


  • Learn that it is never too later to fulfilling your dreams.
  • The introductory four categories toward wellness:
    • Spiritual Mind-body healing techniques
    • Health Nutrition & Self care
    • Exercise-The importance of movement
    • Financial Stability in retirement

Option 3

8 Weeks = R3 500 (A saving of R500)

  • An extension of Option 1& 2 delves into eight categories of restoring yourself to normality in mind, body and spirit.
  • The course a step-by-step approach enables you to:
  • Spiritual Mind-body healing techniques
  • Health Nutrition & Self care
  • Exercise-The importance of movement
  • Financial Stability in retirement
  • Career Work from home
  • Relationships Love and beyond
  • Clearing Clutter Mentally & Physically
  • Hobbies: Reading, Music & Art

Together, we demystify the process by making the suggestions a daily regime formulating a lifestyle routine. Finally, we tackle all the “things that never happen” relating to doubts, criticism and worries.