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Financial stability:

Financial stability is another gigantic subject, herewith are my favourite orientations:

  • What does the Bible say about wealth and prosperity?

Proverbs 28:20 A faithful man will abound with blessings, but whoever hastens to be rich will not go unpunished. Deuteronomy 8:18 But remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms His covenant, which He swore to your ancestors, as it is today.

  • Wayne Dyer and 4 Lessons On Money As A Spiritual Root

Lesson #1: Money and Our Relationship With The World

Lesson #2: Money As The Foundation For A Spiritual Life

Lesson #3: Money and Integrating It In Everyday Life To Free You

Lesson #4: Money and Being Worthy

  • Dr Jonathan D Moch quote: “Without money – income and assets – love flies out of the window.”

6 Steps for Creating abundance

Bringing abundance into your life is more than a game of chance—it’s about creating the life you want. Here are some guidelines for actively making abundance.

There need not be a gap between the abundance of nature and the lack that many people perceive in their lives. However, when you say, “I don’t have enough time” or “There’s never enough money”, you have found yourself in that gap because there is no denying that time is infinite and that wealth can be endlessly created. So why don’t you have your share?

Especially now, when the economy has brought financial insecurity to those who can least afford it, anxiety about the loss of income has replaced the sense of abundance and fulfilment. What about lack of emotional satisfaction, lack of love, lack of creative solutions?

Abundance is all-embracing—at least it should be. Bringing abundance into your own life should be more than a game of chance, even though you look around and see that some people are much more fortunate than others.

Let’s believe that you can make your luck, which is the same as saying that you can create what you want. This assumption is better than relying on the ups and downs of fortune. If you wait for good things to fall into your lap, you are defeated in advance because it’s the nature of life to have bad things fall into your lap, too. So instead of passively waiting to see if you won life’s lottery, change the game in your favour.

#1. Turn Negativity into Positive Action

Take one thing today that you feel pessimistic about. Before the day is out, take one positive action that diminishes the negativity. Such activities include the following:

  • Stand up for yourself
  • Speak your truth
  • Fix what can be fixed
  • Ask for help
  • Seek wise advice
  • Accept the things that can’t be changed
  • Reduce the stress
  • Look at your role in creating the negative situation

The possibilities are endless. Taking even a small action begins to change the feedback you are getting.

#2. Get a Healthy Outside Perspective

In dire situations, people tend to contract and withdraw inside themselves. “It’s my problem” leads to isolation, making lack and loss feel worse. I realize that no one wants to burden others and that everyone wants to preserve their dignity, but other people have similarly walked in your shoes. They have confronted lack and loss, survived the pain, and eventually made it all the way through. It helps enormously to be in touch with such a person, a confidante who has walked the walk.

#3. Don’t Indulge the Level of Futility

“It’s hopeless, and I’m helpless. Nothing will change or ever get better.” Everyone hears these words; the voice of futility persists because we were all little children who felt helpless and hopeless at times.

If you indulge the voice of futility, it will pull you down to its level. To reject the temptation to indulge in a defeatist viewpoint. Tell yourself, “This negative voice isn’t me.” Gently but firmly reject the voice of futility, and when any good thing happens, however small, remind yourself that the voice of negativity was wrong.

#4. Expand Your Awareness

The greatest enemy of abundance is contraction. When you find yourself in a tight situation, feeling that there is no way out, drawing a blank when you try to think of new solutions, or carrying around a heavy burden, these are signs of contraction—in mind, body, and spirit.

Expansion is the great friend of abundance. It brings in the light, opening up new possibilities. Your awareness sees farther in a relaxed, open state, and life isn’t so confined.

How can you expand your awareness? To begin with, set aside time every day for peace and quiet. The brain has a natural mechanism for resetting itself and getting back into balance. Give this mechanism a chance. Being under pressure, making noise and stress, and never stopping to relax are counter-productive actions. Instead, go into a quiet place and sit with your eyes closed at least twice a day for a few minutes. Let yourself become centred again, and practice meditation.

Beyond this immediate relief, here are some long-range steps you can take. By expanding your awareness, you grow your whole life:

How to Expand Your Life

  • Be passionate about your life and the experiences.
  • Remain open to as much positive input as possible.
  • Don’t shut down the feedback loop with judgment, rigid beliefs, and prejudices.
  • Don’t censor incoming data through denial.
  • Examine other points of view objectively.
  • Take ownership of everything in your life, be self-sufficient.
  • Work on psychological blocks like shame and guilt—they falsely colour your reality.
  • Free yourself emotionally—to be emotionally resilient is the best defence against growing rigid.
  • Harbour no secrets—they create dark places in the psyche.
  • Be willing to redefine yourself when needed.
  • Don’t regret the past or fear the future. Both bring misery through self-doubt.

The above is a helpful list to print out and refer to every month to remind yourself that your goal is always expansion and never contraction.

#5. Take Full Responsibility

Here it is if you want a radical cure for being a victim. Victims are dominated by external forces—other people, circumstances, or turns of fortune—and since outside forces cannot be controlled, it seems natural to take responsibility for the bad things in your life. “I can’t help it” is like a poison seed that keeps multiplying and growing. The solution is to recognize that situations change only after someone stops looking outside and takes responsibility. That’s not the same as taking the blame.

Instead, you are saying something positive: This is my life. You reclaim ownership of your life once you take responsibility. At the same time, you are stating a simple, inescapable truth. If your life isn’t your own, who else can it belong to? No one else has enough time, money, energy, and love to give you everything—abundance originates from within. You accept everything—the good and the bad—as your whole package when you take responsibility. Fortunately, the bad has already happened, for the most part, while the good stretches far ahead in unknown, undiscovered ways. Being responsible is accepting your life journey.

#6. Develop a Higher Vision of Your Life

There is such a thing as rich but miserable—you may know people who fit that pattern—but there is no such thing as fulfilled and miserable. Material abundance, which can be helpful, contains no fulfilment by itself. Satisfaction comes from a realistic vision that comes true. The higher the vision, the greater the fulfilment.

A vision is a trigger for abundance. It sets in motion a host of hidden processes. There is no mystery involved. Awareness builds upon itself, as you may have experienced. If you practice regularly, you get good at things. If you reinforce the positive, there is more positivity to come. The term “feedback loop” feels sterile, I know, but it applies to everything you dream of, wish for, and envision. The best kind of feedback is focused. When you learn to ride a bike, you don’t want to eat a sandwich and text a friend simultaneously. Riding the bike is your focused intention. In the same way, the vision you have of your life attracts those attributes that lead to mastery while setting aside needless distractions. You don’t need to work at this as a winnowing process; it happens automatically, at a deep level of awareness, once you know your vision.

These guidelines give you a more positive way to approach abundance, seeing it as a natural way to live and be in harmony with yourself.

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