Fab 50 MindfulLiving™ Club

⭐️ Discover the essence of mindful living with Shery Clein’s ‘Fab Fifty: 50 Ways to MindfulLiving™’. Join our vibrant community for monthly mindfulness sessions, virtual gatherings, and access to a resource-rich content library.
⭐️ Embrace your true spirit of life with Fab 50 – 50 Ways to MindfulLiving™. It’s your gateway to prioritising mental well-being, cherishing everyday moments, and celebrating the beauty of authenticity.
⭐️ Embrace your core self as you reach 50—feel okay just being yourself, being a little crazy, shedding tears, or playing with your puppy.
⭐️ Make your fifties fabulous with Shery Clein’s MindfulLiving™ Membership Club!

Fab 50 MindfulLiving™ Club Membership Offerings

Personalised Wellness Plans: Tailored to your interests and goals for a unique club experience.

Monthly Engagements: From inspiring speakers to hands-on workshops, we keep you engaged.

Active Adventures: Outdoor excursions and group classes for a fit and fun lifestyle.

Community Celebrations: Shared festivities that foster strong bonds among members.

Wellness Initiatives: Workshops and events focused on enhancing your well-being.

Exclusive Discounts: Special deals on products and services just for our members

🌟 Membership Cost:

Joining Shery Clein’s Membership Club is affordable and accessible to all. For just R600 per year, which equates to only R50 per month, you gain access to our vibrant community, exclusive events, and valuable resources. This nominal fee merely covers our operational costs, as we are dedicated to fostering a mindful living community where everyone can thrive.

Shery Clein’s MindfulLiving™ Membership Club

Member Spotlights & Stories: We celebrate our members’ journeys and achievements by sharing inspiring stories that make our club a source of motivation for all.

Interactive Challenges: Join our monthly challenges to reach personal goals, try new activities, or give back to the community.

Virtual Hub: Stay connected with our online platform, where you can access resources, track activities, and engage with fellow members.

Feedback Loop: Your voice matters. Share your thoughts on events and offerings, helping us evolve to serve you better.

Partnerships: Enjoy workshops and talks from local experts, adding even more value to your membership.

Sustainability Initiatives: We’re committed to eco-friendly practices, promoting a mindful and responsible lifestyle.

Wellness Retreats: We look forward to our annual retreats, combining relaxation and fun for an unforgettable experience.

Diversity and Inclusion: We welcome members from all backgrounds, celebrating the richness of our diverse community.

Continuous Learning: Access health, mindfulness, and personal development educational resources.