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Welcome To An Inspirational Journey


The One Week of Inspiration was created to help you awaken to your essential unbounded nature. The word inspiration comes from Latin for “the creative breath of the Divine,” and with each breath, you have an opportunity to release whatever you no longer need as you take in vital life energy.

It all begins with a single breath… with a single intention.

Based on the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, each day,
we invite you to read the spiritual Law of the Day and the daily reflection on an essential soul quality, such as love, wholeness, and freedom. Whatever you put your attention on will expand in your life, so by focusing each day on
these timeless spiritual laws and soul qualities, transformation will occur.

When you complete the One Week of Inspiration, you can begin it anew. Like a journey along a spiral, each experience will give you new perspectives of your inner self, your environment, and everyone around you. As you go deeper, find that every moment is filled with possibilities for bliss, never-before-imagined dreams, abundant love, and
new beginnings.

Lots of Love & Light

💙Shery Clein

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